Creating solutions
which solve a
problem correctly

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Each of our offering created is based on modern day requirements to run and operate a clinic with optimum efficiency. Each caters to a unique and specific need, and together pose a strong platform in assisting our doctors to focus on their core competency more comprehensively.

Management of staff, better customer service, market development and transparency across all processes are the biggest needs identified for doctor partners, and we at TKC have the best solutions to solve these challenges correctly, honestly and cohesively.

Technology Partner

Created for the pediatrician, by the pediatrician.

Online medical records. Simple and easy to use. Is the first objective completed. Ensuring customer data is captured correctly, we train the receptionist on the same. If we do not have one, we help you recruit, train and monitor one. A doctor partner can just capture the diagnosis and not bother about capturing other details which honestly should not be his or her job. We ensure there are no cash leakages, better engagement with customers through reminders and health updates and a mobile application through which your customer always stays yours. What’s more, we update your old customer data, this time more correctly and forever. There are a host of unique features which truly makes our technology platform state of the art and the one which can surely be of great assistance to your clinic operations. We promise, you would love the experience and so will the parents.

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  • Digitalisation of
    manual records

  • Vaccination

  • Multi-User Platform

  • Paperless

  • Clinic Business

  • Daily report mis
    and smses

  • SMSes packages

  • Online appointments

  • Data security

  • Flexibility in
    Capturing Data

Options of Typing , scanning and even writing digitally

Management partner

A unique platform which offers insights on consumer behaviour and thereby solutions for a bettered engagement

Along with the technology platform which comes with it, being an management partner gives our doctors a supreme advantage. Being ahead with insights which can help them allocate their time and energy better. So whether its retaining customers or focussing on new customers, this platform along with the TKC team would ensure that the doctor get the maximum productivity out of his or her clinics infrastructure. Wont it be great for a doctor to know, how many new parents come visit him monthly? or how many parents across varied age categories seek his or her service? Or how many parents are concerned with their child’s eating, sleeping or even concentration issues? One would be pleasantly surprised by the huge benefits these reports can provide. There are ten such dynamic reports, we call them the Ten commandments. This solution ensures that the doctor partner is provided with insights never seen before and solutions he can seek to use like never before. We would then execute the plan created by and for the doctor concerned.

  • Staffing Solutions

  • Soft Skill Training

  • Customer

  • Ten Crucial Reports

  • Productive insights

  • Quality controls

Growth partner

TKC should be a holistic solution for every need a doctor has.

Be it market development, or simply management, this vertical takes care of it all. Online medical records, analytical tools and its insights, recruitment, training and staffing solutions, capacity utilisation, additional correlated services, additional shifts, curtailing operational expenses, bettered ambience, parent talks, health camps all and more comes under its ambit. We work closely to ensure that our doctor partner can focus on parent customers and we as their service partners take care of all the work outside. What’s more?Focussing on continuity of business even after complete/partial retirement is also one of the most important deliverable we wish to execute if required.

  • Technology partner

  • Analytics partner

  • Preventive health talks

  • Market development

  • Capacity utilisation

  • Additional services

  • Continuity